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Nanxing Furniture Machinery&Equipment Company Limited (simply called"Nanxing Equipment")was established on May 3rd,1996. The company is a leading enterprise
in panel furniture machinery industry in China. On May 27th,2015,Nanxing Equipment was successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, hence became the first one in the furniture machinery &equipment industry, and since then its shares has been
traded in A-share market. The stock name is Nanxing Equipment, and the stock code
is 002757.

Owning the advanced production equipment, the strong technical-know-how with experts and years of capital investment that has built up high overall capabilities. The company has become one of the largest leading enterprises in the industry of panel furniture machinery &equipment in China .Nanxing was awarded the followings: "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top 10 National
Enterprises for Innovation in Milling Machinery &Tools Industry in China" ,"2015 Guangdong Top 100 Strongest Equipment
Manufacturing Enterprise"" "wsa elected as "Guangdong Famous Trade-mark" and
"Guangdong Best Product Brand".

Due to the company has strong technological innovation ability, the company has granted 133 patents from its unique inventions
including best practical machines and excellent designs. By invitation, Nanxing has participated in setting up National Standards
for Computer Numerical Control(CNC) for the woodworking machinery industry. Our R & D Center of the company is also well
recognized and therefore cooperating with Guangdong Province’s Enterprise Technology Centre ,also with Guangdong
Province’sEngineering and Technology Development Centre for researching CNC Woodworking Machinery.

Nanxing Equipment is using first class laser sheet metal cutting machines from Switzerland,5-axis CNC machines from Japan,
different types of CNC machines from Germany, and the world famous welding production line with robots. Besides, the company
is equipped with various testing facilities,including3 dimensional-measuring machines, laser interferometers from Germany and
other devices to ensure the highest quality of the products can be reached.

Nanxing Equipment has focused on its business in making panel furniture machinery and equipment for wide range usage and
projects. Our products are divided by categories including CNC machining center & boring machines, computer panel saws &
sliding table saws, single &double sided edge banding machines, multi boring machines, projects & production lines, package
lines, also other related equipment. Our company’s products are widely used in the panel furniture industry and also applicable
to the fields of wooden chips board such as MDF manufacturers and users, including doors, customer-made furniture, kitchen
cabinets, exhibition display units, boatdecoration and many more.

Nanxing Equipment having received customer satisfactory always particularly in mass production, we have also introduced
different machine packages for projects and production lines to provide high level of industrial manufacturing solutions with our good proposals. This keeps our customers easy to make non-standardized furniture with Nanxing CNC machines together by
applying our furniture software. The beauty of this combination can also manage the incoming orders and breaking them into sub orders resulting lesser capital investments but also lower labor and production costs. Besides this can prevent mistakes during the
furniture production process that means big savings, as well as can help the manufacturers to plan ahead under your control the
delivery in time to their customers.

Nanxing Equipment’s products can have many to full options by customers selections, machine functions and quality are very
reliable and durable that overall gives customers Super Value. Our products are accepted by the domestic and overseas markets,
including Europe and America countries. In additional, Nanxing Equipment encourages Gold services by setting up network and
system for providing effective after-sales services.

With compliments of trust and supports given by our new and old customers, Nanxing Equipment will follow the market
requirements, and continuously listen the opinions of our customers. Our high motivation for innovation is our success in the
future , aimed Made in China 2025.We must provide quality products and services to our customers for developing mutual